LED Wall Art «Battle of Ikan»

   During the Russian Empire military campaign in Central Asia on the 4th of December 1864, a  hundred Cossacks left the city of Turkestan to secure the convoy passage. A small reconnaissance raid turned into a three-day battle with the ten thousand army of the Kokand Khanate, as a result, more than half a hundred were killed, but the rest breakthrough and reunited with the main body of the army. The Khan had to change his plans. The glory of this hundred is shining through the centuries.

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   An excellent modern interior solution for residential property and public places. The print is plotted and engraved on the acrylic glass with an embedded RGB LED strip, controlled via WiFi and the Magic Home app. It is possible to create your own presets for the LED light, change the brightness and speed of blinking, the app has even disco lights mode. Supplied with wall mounting hardware.    Shipped worldwide on a full prepayment basis. If no stock, the production lead time is two weeks. Please note, have produced and shooted real photos only from «Space Trinity», «Sky guards» and «Red falcons».