LED Wall Art «Space trinity»

    The Soviet space program gave the world several pioneering achievements: the first artificial Earth satellite (depicted on the left in hand), the first planet rover, and the first space station. On April 12, 1961, a new era of space exploration dawned for humanity! This was grounded in the concepts laid out by the founder of theoretical cosmonautics, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (referred to as the 'Great Spirit', and situated in the center). The mission was designed by Sergei Korolev, whom Alexey Leonov, the first person to conduct a spacewalk, lovingly dubbed the "Space Father" (shown on the left). The mission's pilot was none other than Yuriy Gagarin. The branch featured in the artwork refers to the famous Soviet song "And the apple trees will bloom on Mars." The depiction of Icarus, seated in the center, symbolizes ancient Hellenic aspirations that were ultimately realized. The composition is aptly topped with the motto: "Above and Beyond" — encapsulating the vision and achievements of this remarkable cosmic trinity!

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  This LED Wall Art makes for a sophisticated modern interior addition, suitable for both homes and public spaces. The artwork is intricately plotted and engraved on acrylic glass, complemented by an integrated RGB LED strip. Users can control the LED settings via WiFi using the Magic Home app. With this app, you can customize LED light presets, adjust brightness, modify blinking speeds, and even set a disco lights mode! The piece comes with wall mounting hardware and ships globally on a full prepayment basis. If the item is not in stock, the production lead time is approximately two weeks.