T-shirt «The space trinity» beige

Embark on a journey through the stars with a T-shirt that encapsulates the pioneering spirit of the Soviet space program! This piece pays homage to the monumental achievements that marked the onset of space exploration for humanity. In the center, the Great Spirit Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a school teacher from Kaluga and the founder of theoretical cosmonautics, represents the roots of space aspirations dating back to the 19th century. Accompanying him on the left is 'Space Father' Sergei Korolev, as named by the first spacewalker Alexey Leonov, the mastermind behind the design of pioneering space technology. Displayed in his hand is the first artificial Earth satellite, a symbol of groundbreaking innovation. Steering the cosmic voyage is the beloved Yuriy Gagarin, encapsulating the brave spirit of the first human in space.

Adding a poetic touch, the branch in the design hints at the Soviet song, visualizing a future where 'apple trees will bloom on Mars.' At the heart of the composition sits Icarus on a bench, symbolizing ancient Hellenic ideas brought to fruition. The ensemble is crowned with the inspiring motto 'Above and Beyond,' reflecting the essence of the deeds and ideas of this cosmic trinity.

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