T-shirt «Icebreaker Lenin» navy-blue

Set sail into history with our T-shirt commemorating the icebreaker Lenin! Launched on December 5, 1957, from the Leningrad shipyard, Lenin marked a milestone as the world's first nuclear-powered surface and civilian vessel. Throughout her thirty years of service, she played a pivotal role in expanding navigation in the northern latitudes, leading 3,741 transports through icy terrains.

The Lenin stands as a symbol of the Soviet Union’s technological triumph and peaceful nuclear advancements. Esteemed personalities such as Yuriy Gagarin, future US President Richard Nixon, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, and Fidel Castro have walked its decks. The renowned Alexandra Pakhmutova graced the wardroom, adorned with Karelian birch, with her piano melodies.

Today, Russia, continuing the legacy, boasts the largest nuclear icebreaker fleet, with the recent launch of the 'Arktika,' the biggest and most powerful icebreaker in the world. Celebrate this maritime heritage and technological achievement with our unique T-shirt!

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