T-shirt «Kimmerian» light-brown

The immense orange sun leisurely submerges into a sea of needle grass and sagebrush, casting a golden glow on the bronzed rider armed with a bow and arrow. He is astride a wild horse, a legacy from his great-grandfather, brought from the very heart of the Great Steppe. Together, they seem to float above the terrain, embodying the timeless spirit of the land.

Robert Howard's Cimmeria—or Kimmeria, if one prefers the Greek/Russian rendition—is portrayed as the homeland of heroes known for their strength, integrity, and honesty. Echoes of such warriors and adventurers persist across the globe, their legacy enduring through the passage of three thousand years, continuing to inspire tales of valor and exploration.

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This T-shirt is offered as a complimentary gift with the order of three others!                                                                             

92% cotton 8% elastane