LED Wall Art «Icebreaker Lenin»

   On December 5, 1957, the icebreaker Lenin, the world's first nuclear-powered surface vessel and the world's first civilian nuclear-powered vessel left the Leningrad shipyard. During her thirty years of service, she made it possible to significantly expand navigation in the northern latitudes and led 3741 transport through the icefields. Being a symbol of the technological and scientific victory of the Soviet Union in peaceful nuclear development, it was visited by Yuriy Gagarin, future US President Richard Nixon, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, Fidel Castro, Alexandra Pakhmutova played the piano in the wardroom trimmed with karelian birch. Once having taken the lead, Russia still has the biggest nuclear icebreaker fleet, the largest and the most powerful in the world icebreaker «Arktika» was just launched.

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   An excellent modern interior solution for residential property and public places. The print is plotted and engraved on the acrylic glass with an embedded RGB LED strip, controlled via WiFi and the Magic Home app. It is possible to create your own presets for the LED light, change the brightness and speed of blinking, the app has even disco lights mode. Supplied with wall mounting hardware.    Shipped worldwide on a full prepayment basis. If no stock, the production lead time is two weeks. Please note, have produced and shooted real photos only from «Space Trinity», «Sky guards» and «Red falcons».