T-shirt «The space trinity» beige

Embark on a journey through the stars with a T-shirt that encapsulates the pioneering spirit of the Soviet space program! This piece pays homage to the monumental achievements that marked the onset of space exploration for humanity. In the center, the Great Spirit Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, a school teacher from Kaluga and the founder of theoretical cosmonautics, represents the roots of space aspirations dating back to the 19th century. Accompanying him on the left is 'Space Father' Sergei Korolev, as named by the first spacewalker Alexey Leonov, the mastermind behind the design of pioneering space technology. Displayed in his hand is the first artificial Earth satellite, a symbol of groundbreaking innovation. Steering the cosmic voyage is the beloved Yuriy Gagarin, encapsulating the brave spirit of the first human in space.

Adding a poetic touch, the branch in the design hints at the Soviet song, visualizing a future where 'apple trees will bloom on Mars.' At the heart of the composition sits Icarus on a bench, symbolizing ancient Hellenic ideas brought to fruition. The ensemble is crowned with the inspiring motto 'Above and Beyond,' reflecting the essence of the deeds and ideas of this cosmic trinity.

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T-shirt «Icebreaker Lenin» navy-blue

Set sail into history with our T-shirt commemorating the icebreaker Lenin! Launched on December 5, 1957, from the Leningrad shipyard, Lenin marked a milestone as the world's first nuclear-powered surface and civilian vessel. Throughout her thirty years of service, she played a pivotal role in expanding navigation in the northern latitudes, leading 3,741 transports through icy terrains.

The Lenin stands as a symbol of the Soviet Union’s technological triumph and peaceful nuclear advancements. Esteemed personalities such as Yuriy Gagarin, future US President Richard Nixon, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, and Fidel Castro have walked its decks. The renowned Alexandra Pakhmutova graced the wardroom, adorned with Karelian birch, with her piano melodies.

Today, Russia, continuing the legacy, boasts the largest nuclear icebreaker fleet, with the recent launch of the 'Arktika,' the biggest and most powerful icebreaker in the world. Celebrate this maritime heritage and technological achievement with our unique T-shirt!

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T-shirt «Battle of Ikan» olive

Embark on a journey back in time with our T-shirt, commemorating a pivotal moment during the Russian Empire’s military campaign in Central Asia. On the 4th of December 1864, a unit of a hundred Cossacks embarked from the city of Turkestan with the mission to secure convoy passage. What began as a small reconnaissance raid escalated into a three-day battle against the formidable ten-thousand-strong army of the Kokand Khanate.

Despite overwhelming odds and facing numerous casualties, with more than half of the unit lost, the resilient Cossacks managed a breakthrough and reunited with the main body of the army. This brave stance forced the Khan to reconsider his strategies, altering the course of the campaign.

The valor and glory of this hundred Cossacks continue to shine through the centuries, encapsulated in our uniquely designed T-shirt. Honor their memory and celebrate a significant chapter in military history with this wearable tribute.

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T-shirt «Heroic canoneer» khaki

   On July 17, 1941, the German blitzkrieg, which had already brought much of Europe to its knees, was thundering across Soviet soil, its treads tearing through the land. Senior Sergeant Nikolai Sirotinin stepped forward, volunteering to halt the advancing German forces on the Warsaw-Moscow highway. On that fateful day, waves of rye dotted with blue cornflowers near the Belarusian river Dobrost became the final sight for 57 enemy soldiers and officers. Never before had a lone warrior with a mere 45mm cannon been so devastatingly effective. Our T-shirt commemorates the unwavering courage of Sirotinin and the indomitable spirit of resistance against overwhelming odds.

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T-shirt «Sky guards» black

The year is 1970, with palms bathed in the glow of the sun sinking into the ocean, and an evening breeze fills the air. The beach seems like a perfect place to relax, but this idyllic setting is about to be interrupted by fleets of American bombers. Ready to greet these uninvited guests is the S-75 air defense system, which had marked the dawn of the missile era with a successful launch over Beijing in 1959. Below, surrounded by a halo of radar waves and oak leaves, a Soviet military advisor salutes in honor. To the right, the battle tally of the Vietnam War is displayed, showing 52 downed B-52 bombers and 1,241 aircraft of other types. Welcome to the jungle!

This T-shirt encapsulates a moment of defiant readiness and honors the historical intersection of technology and valor.

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T-shirt «Conquest of the Smolensk» brown

 In 1654, a pivotal moment in history unfolded as the city of Smolensk was reclaimed by Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich, signaling a breakthrough victory in a 150-year rivalry with Poland. Emblematic of this triumph, the cannon and firebird from the city’s coat of arms are directed West, crowned with a Tsar’s helmet, which also graces the center of the Russian Empire’s coat of arms.

To the left, a depiction of the 'Rynda'—the Moscow version of the Varangian guard—stands as a testament to Sophia Palaiologina, the niece of the last Byzantine Emperor, Constantine. This image commemorates the resounding echoes of Russian rulers roaring back, successfully reclaiming lands from the end of the 13th century to our times! Don this T-shirt and wear a piece of history that celebrates the resilience and victories of a nation.

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T-shirt «Gates of the Palmyra» army green

In 2016, members of Russia’s most renowned private military company stepped through the ancient arches of Palmyra, echoing the triumphant march of Roman Emperor Aurelian. Accompanied by the T-90, the most commercially successful main battle tank of the early millennium, they played a pivotal role in shifting the tide of the war in Syria.

This T-shirt captures a moment of historical resonance, as modern warriors walk in the footsteps of emperors, underlining the enduring spirit of victory and the relentless march of time.

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T-shirt «Bosporus Cimmerian» coffee-coloured

Three thousand years ago, the realms flanking the Cimmerian Bosporus, now known as the Kerch Strait, were under the dominion of the Cimmerians before they were succeeded by the Scythians. A Cimmerian warrior, donned in a 'Phrygian cap'—a symbol of liberation—grasps a banner, representing a variant of the state emblem of the Republic of Crimea. Beneath, lie Scythian arms and a coin from Panticapaeum, testifying to the layers of history and civilization.

This T-shirt embodies a rich tapestry of history, a chronicle of peoples and cultures that have shaped the land, a wearable emblem of time's enduring march.

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T-shirt «Red falcons» blue

The I-16 stands as the pioneering serial monoplane fighter equipped with retractable landing gear, earning its heroic status in the early stages of the Spanish Civil War. It holds the distinction of being the last of its kind featuring an open cockpit—making it the perfect complement for the fluttering silk scarves of the aviators.

The design showcases a Soviet pilot and his Spanish comrade-in-arms, representing the unifying spirit of piston-engine warplanes. It’s adorned with the emblem of the Spanish Republic and features a motivating motto that rallied individuals from across the globe to champion the cause of liberty. This T-shirt encapsulates the essence of camaraderie and the fervor of historical battles for freedom.

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T-shirt «Kimmerian» light-brown

The immense orange sun leisurely submerges into a sea of needle grass and sagebrush, casting a golden glow on the bronzed rider armed with a bow and arrow. He is astride a wild horse, a legacy from his great-grandfather, brought from the very heart of the Great Steppe. Together, they seem to float above the terrain, embodying the timeless spirit of the land.

Robert Howard's Cimmeria—or Kimmeria, if one prefers the Greek/Russian rendition—is portrayed as the homeland of heroes known for their strength, integrity, and honesty. Echoes of such warriors and adventurers persist across the globe, their legacy enduring through the passage of three thousand years, continuing to inspire tales of valor and exploration.

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This T-shirt is offered as a complimentary gift with the order of three others!